ONE TOUGH HAND: New Mexico Rancher, Linda Davis


Words by Kaelan Hollon
Photography by Herschel Mair

Sit and listen to an 83-year-old rancher talk about her life story; you’d better tune in. Chances are you could learn something. But listen fast; if the rancher is Linda Davis, she’s probably busier than you. With the relentless energy typically found in a three-year-old on a dead-set sugar binge, she won’t have much time for chit-chat. Between her volunteer shifts for the local EMT service, where she drives her ambulance over a swath of land twice the size of Rhode Island, she needs to check her mama cows, heavy in calving season, take a few minutes to say hello to her grandchildren, great-grandchildren, kids and neighbors, and hopefully squeeze in a sandwich. So when Linda Davis sits down to give you career advice on what lessons a life of ranching could provide young women, you’d do well to pay attention. This New Mexico cowgirl inspires awe among a nation of ranchers with good reason: Linda Davis is one tough hand.


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