Praise Worthy

I love social media and the internet. I couldn’t live without Facebook, Instagram, and my favorite blogs and websites. The internet is humanity laid…

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I am enough

I Am Enough

Demi Lovato’s mic was unintentionally turned on backstage before the 2015 VMA’s. The next week, links and articles blew up social media newsfeeds and…

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Urge To Art

I’m a recovering Resist-and-Persist Writer. It’s an affliction that strikes many creatives – this need to simultaneously satisfy and squelch our Urge to Art….

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Summer of Sooth

When I approached the 3-month mark with my twins, a period of time that characterized a reasonable maternity leave, it symbolized that I should…

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A couple weeks ago, I stepped away from my laptop, put my phone on airplane mode and walked into the National Portrait Gallery by…

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Playing It Big

“Our playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.” -Marianne…

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colleen 3 edit 1


There’s one day a year when we lose all our inhibitions – we drink, we gamble, and we wear ridiculously big hats. You’ve guessed…

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Krista Bjorn3.15Edit


It’s funny how you can walk past a thing hundreds of times but not really see it. Last week I admired—for the umpteenth time—the…

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“Is anybody hurt?” I had a yoga teacher in college who started every 8:00 a.m. class with this question. Students were hesitant to respond,…

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Cheryl ArkisonEdit


There are great benefits to taking time off. Truly off. Most professionals, especially entrepreneurs, find it extremely difficult to put the phone down, walk…

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Megan Edit

Focus on the Light

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” – Sylvia Plath Recently, I have been struggling with self-doubt, which plays a tug-of-war game with the…

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Linda and LauraEdit

Monkey Minds

Monkey mind. That relentless chatter that fills your head when you’re snug in bed and all you want to do is sleep. Yet, all…

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Early Riser

Mornings have always been fraught for me. I have distinct memories of my dad being my “alarm clock,” clambering into my sister’s and my…

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Time is energy. Often when I tell others that I don’t have time for something, what I really mean is that I don’t have…

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Elizabeth Kizito, CAKE&WHISKEY Issue 4

Renaissance Women

For those who thrive on flux, flow, and fluidity. Welcome to the new Renaissance. Renaissance means literally “rebirth,” or reexamination. We typically associate it…

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Maria Mejia

Taboo Issue Topic: HIV Words by Bethany Miller Photography by Sonya Revell Maria Mejia is a powerhouse, even when she’s fragile. The deepest valleys…

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Blackberry Smash

Recipe by Patricia Richards Photography by Sarah Jane Sanders Mixologist – Jeff Worden 4 Blackberries (medium in size) 1.5 ounces Fresh Sweet & Sour…

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Island Love

Words by Lanie Anderson Photography by Jessica Hill Imagine a wedding with a center aisle carpeted in leaves and colorful rose petals, gift bags…

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Soccket To Me

Words by Robbie Clark Photography by Jacklyn Greenberg Kicking an Idea Around As a very recent graduate from Harvard Business School, where she had…

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Solar Impulse 2 First outdoor technical tests

Flying Solar

Interview by Robbie Clark In early June, Solar Impulse 2 made its inaugural flight, which lasted two hours. The vehicle’s intended mission, scheduled to…

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She’s A Mizzfit

Interview by Lina Fletcher Photography by Caitlin Mitchell Ever wished you could wear your favorite pair of yoga pants to work? Bianca Jade did…and…

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Words and Photography by Pamela Sutton Difference: The One-Page Method for Reimagining Your Business and Reinventing Your Marketing by Bernatte Jiwa What if your…

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Blushing Bride

Words by Patricia Richards Photography by Sarah Jane Sanders Ingredients -1 oz. Drambuie 15 year Liqueur -1 oz. St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur -2 oz. Freshly…

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Jameson’s Carrot Cake

Recipe by Megan Smith Photography by Sarah Jane Sanders Jameson, our trusty mascot, has a weakness for carrots. Go figure. Our weakness lies more…

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Tea Time

Words by Virginia Myers & Megan Smith Photography by Jesse Fox In 2010, Heather Howell was wooed away from her job in talent acquisition…

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Sarah Green

Youth Uprising

Words by Lanie Anderson Photography by Rebecca Drobis Hiking in the mountains of Rwanda, snowboarding along the Eastern seaboard, and paragliding in Ecuador, Sarah…

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Lee Nicholson - Filmore Clark

Fit to be Tiled

Words by Katie Shoultz Photography by Chelsea Brewer With its expression of culture, landscape and time, almost every iconic American building has an artistic…

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Highland Holiday Recipe

Recipe by Patricia Richards Photography by Sarah Jane Sanders Ingredients -1.25 oz. Dewar’s Highlander Honey -0.5 oz. Disaronno Originale -0.5 oz. Freshly Squeezed &…

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The Athena Doctrine

Words by Pamela Sutton A healer, protector of justice, wise peacemaker, reliable and selfless warrior; what attributes will define business in the 21st century…

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Japanese Cooler

Ingredients 10 Each, Fresh, Medium-Sized Mint Leaves 0.75 oz. Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice, strained of seeds & pulp 0.25 oz. Light Agave Nectar 1.5…

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Q&A with Diane Cu

Words by Megan Smith Photography by Diane Cu Biggest fear as a businesswoman? Speaking up for myself without hurting anyone’s feelings when I say…

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